Greedy Home Owners

Greedy Home Owners

One of the petitions circulating the lie that “buyers are told,” that thousand of people signed, called complainers “greedy” with no real reason to complain about the noise.  It claimed their motive was merely personal profit. With noise that is the same as that recently produced at a football stadium to break a record, there is plenty to complain about. The petition states there has been written notification for home owners since 1992, but “notification” stopped 20 years ago, which was well know by at least one petition circulator.  Click to open:

Greedy petition

After circulating this lie to petition signers, it was presented with great fan-fare at the EIS scoping meeting to demonstrate community support for the outlying field (OLF) in Coupeville.  The intent was to discount EIS Comments made by citizens being abused by horrific jet noise over their homes.


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