Trapped, Not Told

Trapped, Not Told

Almost everyone on Whidbey Island had thought jet noise disclosure was provided to all home buyers.  The Overview outlines how that should have happened, but did not.

Many people did not know buyers were not told and could not understand why someone would complain after purchasing under Growler jet flight paths.  Many others knew buyers did not get the legally required noise disclosure and persecuted them freely, anyway

Jill Johnson Petitions describes how petitions were circulated stating buyers were given legal disclosure about jet noise.  Six thousand people were told that buyers complaining about jets had received legally required disclosure.  The implication was that people under the flight paths should be forced to sacrifice a normal life to the island economy and the mission of the Navy or move.

In addition to stating that buyers were told, they added a host of derogatory comments.  Petition statements said that  people complaining about the OLF were greedy and willing to interrupt important military training and trash the economy of Whidbey Island.  These petitions were circulated by realtors and people in leadership who definitely knew better including a past commissioner who was in office when both disclosures were developed. Check out the petitions by clicking below.

Petition 1

Petition 2

Of the people who know where and what the OLF is, many think that anyone else would certainly know that, too.  It is faulty logic, but very common.  See They Should Have Known.

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