Realtors Welcome Reform

Realtors Welcome Reform

Despite poor leadership from the NWMLS Forms Committee, many realtors want reform to ensure a high degree of professionalism and client care.

Here is a comment from Janet Burchfield, Owner/Broker Front Street Realty in Coupeville:

Janet Burchfield

How could the NWMLS forms committee have determined that the bare minimum disclosure was preferable to a fuller disclosure?  The unfortunate averaging of jet noise decibels on the County map over 24 hour hours brings down the consumer’s concern, as few buyers would think that 134 decibel peaks would be included in an area that showed a range of 75+ decibels.  Buyers have bought in Admirals Cove because homes met their needs at a price they could afford, despite being told that their windows might rattle, they will not be able to have conversations outside in their yards, and they will be kept up by night flights.  I believe a fuller disclosure will help those buyers represented by off-Island real estate brokers or Island brokers who may never have experienced the noise.  It will ensure that consumers all receive the same information, the same warnings, no matter which broker they work with.  The map needs to be revised to more accurately portray the top end of the decibels measured, as the current one could give false reassurance to some, and then be made part of the NWMLS Form 22W

The 134 decibel level she cites is db level.  The dba level would be 119.



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