It is interesting to discover the evolution of an idea.  This one may have begun with the following comment posted to a newspaper article last year:

2013 idiot definition

The commenter defines an idiot as:

a “foolish or stupid person” who “buys a house under the flight path of a Naval base, signs a noise disclosure form, then complains about the noise.”

Next, car decals were made.  They were advertised on a Pro-OLF site.  We probably have a fleet of vehicles, including a red truck with the decal covering most of the tail gate, with that very same definition.

And now, we have an updated version.   The back window of a blue SUV reads:

idiot n. 1.a. foolish or stupid person. i.e. a person who buys a house under the flight path of a naval air station then complains about the noise of the jets.

At least some of the harassers now recognize that buyers did not, in fact, sign a true noise disclosure.  But they miss morality and truth.  They even miss the harm done to the Navy.  Buyers were denied information about a “flight path,” a “naval air station,” and “jet noise.” The law that was not followed was written with guidance from the Navy and was intended to prevent complaints that always arise around military air stations when citizens are not told.  There may be no air station with more problems than NASWI.

Knowledge that there was no jet noise disclosure has not stopped the harassers.  Their logic has now morphed to “I knew about the jets, therefore everyone knew about the jets.” This logical fallacy is taught in most high school English classes, but some are bound to miss it, and their writing/thinking suffers.

The word “idiot” is a word that is often used to express anger and to hurt people. Like profanity, it usually has no literal meaning at all, so it is no surprise that the car decal people made one up.

They really should scope out more deserving targets in their quest to protect NASWI including:

  • County commissioners that allowed, and still allow, building where the Navy specified no residential use;
  • Individuals responsible for implementing the Navy Encroachment Prevention Plan but failed to do so;
  • MLS attorneys who actually copyrighted and provided the wrong disclosure, ensuring that the Navy recommendations made in 1992 would not be followed;
  • Real estate companies who promised knowledge of the law to their agents but required use of a disclosure that did not follow the law;
  • The realtor community which for years denied there was something rotten in the disclosure and continued to defend it, even after it was exposed for what it was, and of course
  • Bullies who will use a lie to attack people who are hurting.

These signs say much more about the people who would actually buy them and affix them to their vehicles than the people they are attacking.  As more people discover the truth, others will see that the decal people have labeled themselves with their definition, a very public irony.


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