Reaction to the Truth

Reaction to the Truth

Below is the list of comments that followed the Whidbey New Times article that realtors were being sued because they did not disclose jet noise as required by law, and as a result, property values are likely to go down.

Even after reading the article, almost all of the commenters failed to grasp the issue.  It appears most are trying to show support for the Navy, not recognizing this is not action against the Navy.  They want to blame COER of course, even though COER is not involved.

They do not track the fact that buyers were told nothing about jet noise, nor do they recognize that no one in this group is in any way qualified to criticize the noise  disclosure law written in 1992 to protect NASWI. They even suggest that not following it was OK.

No one gets it – this not only hurt those pesky complainers; this hurts the Navy. The attention of these commenters is too riveted on scoring points with other OLF supporters to notice they have lost all reason.  They think any attack on the community in the noise zones can contribute to winning the battle to save the OLF, NASWI, and the economy.

This would be understandable if they were all immature junior high or high school students who fail to understand the issue, but most of them identify their jobs and they are not.  This sampling reveals something about the community at large –  many OLF supporters may refuse to ever let go of the lie, “they were told.”   Realtors have created a battle cry that will be hard to silence and conflict within a community that may never heal.

Here are the comments representing less than two days:

Really? Are the potential home owners so stupid that they don’t investigate the areas and surrounding counties or towns as to what they have to offer? I mean it’s hard to kind of miss that there is a Navy Air station in the biggest town on the island. Oak Harbor to my knowledge by living on this island for over a year that has the most stores, aka where people would get groceries,etc.. Duh. Jets equal noise. If you don’t like it then use your brain and not buy a house here and go live maybe further on the south part of the island or mainland. Support your military, people. I was appalled to hear of the initial law suit these idiots filed against the Whidbey NAS. Leave our military alone. That law suit should have never been active. My husband and his fellow service men and women already make the sacrifices to keep us safe. It just feels unpatriotic that those people have the nerve to even think of sueing the Navy.

Jason Joiner, government affairs director for the Whidbey Island Association of Realtors, if you need witnesses on behalf of the Realtors that the noise disclosure was sufficient, I will gladly volunteer.

Just stopped in here to see where the anit-military Vs Patriots were standing on this law suit against NAS Whidbey Is. Hmmm so the anit-military lost their case and are going after the brokerages. You’re going to lose again.

I love the sound of jet noise with my hot coffee…

The coffee is too hot, and the jets are too loud.

Awesome, appropriate, accurate. The group isn’t worthy of using Colonel Ebey’s name. He would, no doubt, be disgusted by them.


So, these people want to sue because they claim they were not sufficiently informed, but they also want to be able to deny sufficient information to prospective buyers and renters when THEY sell or rent? How blatantly hypocritical of them!

On COER’s website they are soliciting “members” to pay up to $2,500 each – I am sure this will be used to pay the lawyers – all intended to shove 30K citizens into unemployment and poverty. Tragically unpatriotic, dishonorable and shameless? Absolutely.

COER is really making friends on the island these days. what, with the upside down flag at the protest, the money stamping saying move to china lake and military service = welfare and now this law suit. then again, what is a retired lawyer to do?

the BASE has been here since like 1942. They are using it as an excuse to SUE b/c they couldnt win against the NAVY which to me is unpatriotic if you are trying to SUE a military establishment. I am typing this right now at 10:30PM as I am hearing JETS fly over head RIGHT now. Does it bother me? NO. B/c I LIVE on a Naval Air Station. I knew that coming in to this. All I want is for people to stop trying to be anti-military and when they lose, to be anti-omg i made mistake so lets sue the next closest possible person I can win against. Its STUPID. XD

also the new jet that people are complaining about, the new Growler, is ACTUALLY quieter than the older jets they have. **edit* If it was just about the noise, then WHY go after the Navy first?****

People these days like to sue whomever and whatever over their “stupid not thought out through mistakes!” Good GRIEF…you move within so much distance of a Naval Air Station and then want to sue over the noise??? Good Lord – here’s a suggestion… MOVE!!!

This is not unlike the lawsuit of “Hey, the McDonalds coffee is HOT – the warning label is not sufficient”. And we wonder why America does not produce that much anymore. America had 20 lawyers per engineer – Japan had 2 engineers per lawyer. Hopefully, those numbers have improved.

3 interesting points: 1) Many areas/bases have no disclosure – so is some form of disclosure better than none? I believe a court would agree with that. 2) Aviation law – avigation rights are acquired after 6 years – Navy has been flying Jet FCLP since 1967. 3) Aviation law – plaintiff to show that (a) the volume/noise of the operations have increased substantially AND (b) this change has, in fact, lowered property values. Regardless of any notification “flaw”. It is interesting to note that COER is willing to sue anyone – Navy, Realtors, County… Makes you wonder if they should keep the “C” (citizen) in their title. Maybe change to LOER – Litigants of the “other” Ebey Reserve.

[Since the passage of the Noise Disclosure Ordinance, noise levels have risen substantially] Not true, OLF flight ops have DECREASE from 20K+ (pre-2005) to 5.7K (post-2005). Additionally, the Growler is less noiser than the Prowler based on averaged dBs.

Hmmm, I live under the flight path at NAS, I didn’t get a letter. Should my feelings be hurt?

I wonder what “properly informed” means!

Sniff, sniff, Terresa ;0)-

Means, they showed up wearing clothes.

Let the buyer beware. It’s the home owners own fault for not doing their due diligence before purchasing the home.

[No one expected the Growler to be so loud, it really is so much louder than the EA-6B] Actually, its not – average dBs for the 3 operations is less than the Prowler. Moreover, Navy is flying much less – 20K+ ops/year (pre-2005) vs. 5.7K (post-2005). The frequency of the Growler is lower which can resonate with structures more but the higher frequency Prowler has more issues on the physiology spectrum.

Whidbey Island, humm. Isn’t that where the Navial “AIR STATION” is located? What a waste of energy, money and time. If you don’t like the noise, Move! The south end, maybe?

yea, we have dealing with it since I was 2. Get over it…the only thing that I don’t like is the when they dumb toxins when they bank…that’s a little scary.

Yeah, I hear the Liberals live at the south end of the Island.

Stupid is as Stupid does.

Can’t fix stupid.

I wonder if they wrote the disclosure in crayons with pictures of airplanes the idiots could better understand they live in a military air station area.

On the slim chance that they “were not informed” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the 6′ sign that everyone sees….that states OLF, stupid people…

” Homeowners within the county-designated Noise Zone who want to sell or rent their property are now being required to give each prospective tenant and purchaser the new, longer noise disclosure form.” …. They started it!! They are complaining about the noise and want to move because its destroying their lives, complaining that they weren’t informed properly about the amount of noise — but they want to be a little more subtle about it in the disclosure to potential buyers? Uhmmm…???

It’s not THAT loud and I only lived there for 2 years.

Omg! Really? So they couldn’t win their lawsuit against the government so go after Realtors? This is ridiculous!

So MOVE. As a Whidbey resident I can assure you that the majority of folks on this island not only want the Navy here but will fight you tooth and nail to KEEP them here. COER’s ‘presentations’ on this island usually yield an audience of under 20 souls. Economics as they are, Whidbey needs their presence and resents your continued crap. MOVE.

Here here!!!

Another viewpoint to consider. This may just be a where the rubber meets the road moment that is long over due. Will a piece of paper even if not well written be found sufficient to relieve an intelligent individual from personal responsibility of making an important decision based on the physical environment that they find themselves in?

Did they, like MONSON THE LIAR, sign the disclosure? YEP..

What a waste of time and money.


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