Internet Harassment

Internet Harassment

“You Were Told – Shut up or Move!”

Versions of the words “they were told” are said on the Internet in a variety of ways whenever articles on jet noise appear.

When you find the right home at a great price, move in, get the surprise of your life when the jets first fly, and hate the noise, there is a lot of pain. It gets worse when you complain and are then harassed buy people using the lie as a weapon.

Will the lie stop?

Will discovery of the truth that there has been no disclosure of jet noise since 1993 cause this lie to stop?  The lie has been revealed, but comments to the article announcing the law suit show it has not been discarded.  The change in car decals displayed in the community has shown a shift in how the lie is used, but it also shows a refusal to let go of it completely. The lie will survive as a convenient way to harasses complainers, discredit and blame them, and ignore their pain.

The harassers seem to believe that the more the complainers are criticized, the safer the OLF will be. Ironically, it is this conflict and its potential to get dangerous that may pose the most danger to the OLF. The Navy needs disclosure to prevent remorse and community discourse.  The following is information the Navy collected and distributed as a brochure as a part of the 2005 AICUZ program:


The above shows the kind of disclosure that protects a military installation.  It would have been better to give people even more information than Island County law requires instead of giving them next to none.  People should know enough about jet noise to make a clear choice about where to live, as the law requires and the Navy recommends.

Despite the existence of humane considerations and county law, Internet harassment thrives.  The following is a list examples gathered from the Internet in less than an hour. Cut and paste any comment into Google to find the article and all the comments, as well as the names proudly revealed by the commenters.

Internet Examples of Harassment:

These folks signed NOISE. DISCLOSURE. AGREEMENTS. These folks know KNRA/OLF Coupeville is a national defense installation. These folks know patriots like us WILL answer the call to serve our troops.

To the dirty coupeville hippies comment…. IM from coupeville and so is my family and we support the navy. Not all of us people from coupeville are against it

“Dirty Coupeville hippies hate America.”

I can’t wait for the ‘deafening’ sounds of freedom to drown out our Anti OLF friend.

I bring a copy of the acknowledgement we all signed, and the map of the noise zones.

You should have done your homework as most homeowners do PRIOR to a purchase or done more to keep the U.S out of wars so that vital training is not needed 24-7. You’re just one of those that bought cheap because of the noise zone and are expecting to pad your pockets in the near future by selling high. *****hears Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me A River” playing in the background********

Military children live with that noise most of their lives, none of them are deaf. This is a group of people who KNOWIngly bought homes here. And expect the whole island change for them

Mac is trying to reach 5000 signatures. If you haven’t signed his “Save the OLF” petition please make it to Hilltop Texaco (in Oak Harbor) by noon tomorrow (Friday) OR you can find it at Squadron Spirit on Ault Field until 4 pm on Wednesday, October 16th. Take your friends and family! The more the merrier!

CLEARLY all these people had to sign the same paperwork that I have signed (on 2 separate occasions) upon buying their house in this area that states “THIS PROPERTY IS WITH THE NAVY’S FLIGHT PATTERN, THIS IS A NON-NOISE ORDINANCE ZONE!!”

So anyone building and buying knew that the Jets were there along with their noise. When house hunting in the ’90s for renting and buying the noise ordinance was in the agreements and disclosures.

It was just plain foolish for anyone to build a house that close to the OLF and expect not to be affected. Don’t like airplane noise? Stay away from airfields!

Well if its the OLD FOLKS WHO ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT GOING DEAF??? DONT they know being deaf IS A GIVEN IF YOUR AN ELDERLY PERSON,,,?? Didn’t they sigh something before they moved into the houses knowing that there will be planes flying around that area??

you know we came to whidbey56 years ago , the navy was there already.if you don’t like the noise leave, we are use to it, so what the planes practis, it is the sound of freedom, don’t forget it.

these people need to move back to california if they don’t like it.

Re such developers (they choose to build near bases for the $$$ as people wish to live close to their jobs). Why then, are the buyers surprised when they hear jet noises? Also re: developers (and dumb buyers) if one chooses to build their home BELOW sea level (eg Louisiana) they should not expect other tax payers to bear the burden of rebuilding the dikes holding the sea back. Ditto – cliffs near the ocean (Malibu) – the home will, sooner or later, slide DOWNHILL (duh).

To those people who are complaining. When did you buy your house by OLF. Before or after the field was there? If the field was there before you then you have no complaint

Funny how when the military tries to establish bases away from populated areas, the economy they create attracts people, who then complain about the very reason there is an economy where they moved to. Kinda like ticks bad mouthing the dog.

Count your blessings, and if you don’t like the noise… There are always alternatives

Why dont you just move !!!

I got a solution MOVE!!!

Secondly, as I have stated before (and as I have seen in many comments previously), those opposed to the noise have moved here obviously not realizing the noise that the thrust of these jets produce. How is that the Navy’s fault that these people did not do their research before buying their dream retirement home on nice, quiet Whidbey Island? I am reminded of the story of “Howling Acres” wolf sanctuary in S. Oregon that faced a court ordered shut down notice because of complaints of noise from the wolves from a new neighbor that recently purchased a plot of land next to theirs. Even though the sanctuary finally won the battle, it cost them dearly. (…and, no. Before you ask, I am an Whidbey resident of MANY years, and moved here as a young teen from Bothell… so don’t even go there!).

National security trumps the convenience factor of people who mainly moved into the OLF area AFTER it was built and placed into operation.

The OLF has been here for quit some time. These people chose to move or live here. This is unreal to me. That noise is SO the sound of freedom and some of you complain about that. Seriously unreal and embarrasing that you and I live in the same place.

This makes me sick where the hell do they think they moved too? I love that field

They knew it was there when they chose that location to live

I’m sorry, but the OLF was built long before most of the homes in the area. You can’t move into a place then demand they change their ways to suit you. I grew up at the end of a major International Airport and Air Force Base, as well as being a resident of Langley, you occasionally get the noise from Paine Field. There are many more pressing matters to concern oneself with than jet noise.

You can’t move into a place then demand they change their ways to suit you Tom? That quote totally belongs in noise-ordinanced Langley

Don’t give a d@mn when you arrive, would like to know when you will move. I was born here 60 plus yrs ago and don’t mind the fly boys at all.

The Everett Herald ran a story a couple years ago where she bragged about buying her farm, near the airfield, without ever even seeing it (apparently despite the noise disclosure residents near the field are required to sign before renting or buying). In other words, she signed the disclosure saying she was ok with the noise of training operations, then turned around and joined a lawsuit to restrict the Navy’s training operations.

Got news for you, that “quality of life” hasn’t existed on Whidbey Island since 1942. Unless you’ve lived in your home since before then you have no real right to complain.
People who put themselves into a situation like this are the worst kind of NIMBY’s.

Only the ignorant moves next to a Military base and its outlying fields and then starts complaining about noise. Coupeville is nice but this is like building a house next train tracks and then asking the train to move. Or next to SeaTac and asking it to shutdown. They do have to train somewhere. Perhaps Coupeville residents can pay to have another field bought or built elsewhere. Next time you looking for a quiet place to be try looking at a map first.

Let the whiners then figure out what to do when businesses close and Whidbey goes into decline. The loss of jobs on base, loss of jobs serving people and their families assigned to the base, loss of sales due to less consumers after they leave the base would cripple the Island. Maybe move the base to Detroit!

Oh, give me a break! The Navy has been using that bounce field for decades, and I guarantee you there is not one plaintiff who was there before it. My word to them: you came to the neighborhood, deal with it.

Homeowners, move the heck away from there if the noise is a problem.

That noise is part of the sound of liberty.

All people who purchase home in the AICUZ noise zone surrounding NAS Whidbey and the NOLF at Coupeville are required to sign a noise zone disclosure statement that they are buying a home in a AICUZ noise zone.

So, if you know FOR SURE that a business is pro-OLF please let me know. I will post a list to help guide us to supporting those that support the OLF. I will not, however, post anything showing which businesses are believed to be anti-OLF

This is a sad case of buyers remorse and irresponsible people that want the economy to suffer so they can gain financially.

They build their house next to a Navy base… and didn’t realize the Navy base had airplanes. So, now it is the Navy’s fault.

I guess in the purchase paper, there was no mention of the Navy base next to their house and they were too stupid to notice it. Get a lawyer. He needs your money. Lots of out-of-work lawyers around who will take your money. The Navy base isnt going anywhere.

The Naval Air Base opened in 1942. If you are not smart enough to realize planes take off from an airport and that planes are noisy, well there isn’t much more that society can do for you. This isn’t a airport that should feel the need to cater to its customers. Their preparing to defend our country get over it or move

Easy, planes get bigger every year. The noise will go up, dont be stupid enough to live next to an airport. Why risk the chance of loud noises if you cant handle it. There are plenty of places to live in America. Your not getting any sympathy from me, these people are preparing to defend this country

Yes and the train whistle is to loud, and I have to wait in traffic to long, and the Boeing test flights over my house are too loud. That sound you are complaining about is the sound that helps to keep this country free and allows you the right to complain. There is a distinct difference between complaining and whining

I lived in Oak Harbor off Torpedo Road for a number of years. When I bought the house in 1976 the real estate agent informed me that I would be in the flight path of jets and other Naval aircraft. I had the choice then to either walk away or buy the house – I bought the house. OLF Coupeville has been used as a “touch and go” field since the 1940s – I’m sure that when folks bought their land/home in that area they were made aware of the goings-on. On another noise issue – fog horns – I worked at a facility just off a major shipping lane on Georgia Strait where the fog horn was required to be activated whenever the visibility dropped below 1/4 of a mile – we fielded countless calls of individuals complaiing of the fog horn even though the facility had been there for over 50 years…and it always seemed to be the “johnny-come-lately” that raised the biggest fuss…similar to folks moving in next to a farm and then complaining about the manure smell…

Gale…You realize this person has an agenda that they will benefit from…Like a realtor for example…Maybe just a home owner looking to increase his asking price in the future…for a couple of many examples. Home owner associations use this tactic as well.I don’t even live there and don’t follow this story at all. But it’s plain as day in regards to a hidden agenda

Pretty obvious the long term residents and community leaders are fine with the sounds that have been going on for decades. The new outsiders who have moved in are the one causing all the uproar, as usual. The move to the country for the good life, and bring their crap with them

To the supporters of this absurd idea to close OLF; it’s a Naval airfield, you moved there, you knew the consequences of the jet noise, you should either move or get used to it and be thankful it represents freedom where our fine men and women can train to protect and serve their fellow Americans

The only picture that we are getting is one of a few very selfish vocal people who knew what they were getting into when they signed a disclosure statement when they bought property here.

If you were unaware of the noise that has been here since August of 1967 and bought property here anyway you were either taken by the local real estate agents or just plain ignorant.

This is not a new issue, if you have lived here for any length of time you would know that.

Every few years we see a group like yours pop up making the same claims that were made years ago…nothing new here…just a new cast of characters that think the sun revolves around them and them only.

You are quite the pathetic creature you are. You knowingly signed a disclosure statement that said you bought a home in an area that many would consider to be unliveable and now you want us to believe you are making this an issue because of some greater need and where the military is running over the populace with actions and inactions that is causing “poor water quality, poor air quality, and poor quality of life”.

What about your own actions? Where does THAT fit into this? What about YOUR decision to move here knowing that you are buying a home in an area that your disclosure statement stated was considered by many to be unliveable?

You take NO personal responsibility so now you are blaming “This type of thinking” for your problems? Yes Robert, the problem lies with you, not the military, not Whidbey Island and not the citizens that are opposed to your thinking…YOU are the problem, not us. You ignored your very well written disclosure statement and now you want everyone else to pay. That is the true meaning of pathetic…

You have no “agreement with the Navy”, you have a disclosure statement that stated the property you purchased was considered by many to be inliveable due to the noise. What degree of “unliveable” do you not understand? You knew this before you purchased your property and purchased it anyway and now you want to change the world to fix your problem. You are a perfect example of people not being responsible for their own actions.

The property owners of central Whidbey should mitigate their perceived health and safety hazards themselves. They should not just move and pass them on, they should be required to fix them, then MOVE. I am sure if you are required to fix this perceived nuisance it will not be that big of a problem, and the Jets will get a lot quieter.

Unless residents bought their property before 21 Sep 1942 (the date the base was commissioned), wouldn’t you expect air noise from a naval air station? Why did you choose to buy property there and not expect any noise?  The problem is, “you believed the people you bought from” and did not read or full understand the notification in the closing documents. That is your problem, now go fix it. Blow some insulation in the attic, that’s what I did.. 400 bucks and a couple hours time make a huge difference. Home depot has the machine and the glass.

The people who have chosen to live near that jet airport made a choice.

It was THEIR choice, and nobody forced them to do so.

Now, I suggest people sound-proof their homes, just as John has suggested above.

Should anyone reasonably expect that, as time moves forward, the noise levels near near a jet airfield are going to decrease? That’s foolish thinking

Your last paragraph sums it all up ! What did they think they were moving next to , a half way house for recovering mimes ? Duhhhhhhhhhhh………

Why should any disclosure need to be made to someone buying property near any of the airfields?  They are big as life, visible to the public, and in the case of airfields in Island County, there are maps and other information on the county public website.

Is the public so lame they cannot be expected to do their own due diligence?  Some days people seem to argue that we’re over regulated, other days that we don’t regulate enough.

Do we coddle everything now?  Disclose!  A giant bat might bite you and give you rabies!  Disclose!  A giant slide might happen and take your house!  Disclose!  A wild moose might start living in your field and try to mate with your cow!  Disclose!  There are often 3 hour ferry lines!  Disclose!  The beaches aren’t all public!  Disclose!  Deer run onto the highway every day/night!  Disclose!  Cell service doesn’t work everywhere here! Well … I think you get the picture.

What  home owners are blaming themselves? NONE.. please. Grow up, people. The Noise was NEVER a SECRET, nor were the flight paths. Take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

Whidbey News Times Letters (Click to enlarge)

WNT 1-18 IH

FREE 18″x24″ yard signs courtesy of Mac McDowell. Only 1 per person due to limited quantity. You can pick yours up at Squadron Spirit Custom Apparel & Gifts.
Reminder: If you haven’t had a chance to sign one, or both, of the two support petitions (you can sign both since they aren’t the same), please check out any of these locations:
In person:
Hilltop Texaco on Midway, En Vogue Beauty Salon, Diamond Rentals, Squadron Spirit, Island Lock & Key, Midway Tire & Muffler, Midway Florist, North End Fitness & Tradewinds Insurance
Health and welfare.. we are doing it for the children..  says the same people who are ardently pro-abortion leftists.  They only care about their own spoiled kids when their selfish interests and schemes are threatened.  Shut down the base and you can shut down probably 70% of the business on the island until very wealthy investors come along, snatch up all the land and turn it into an extension of Seattle complete with a bridge to Camano Is.  Sure all you barn part people would love it with the island covered with mcmansions and self absorbed limousine liberals.  Of course they will want an airport for their jets, and more harbors for their yachts.  Sorry.  The island happens to be in rather strategic location and always will be.  There needs to be a base here now and in the future and you knew full well either growing up here …or when you moved here that there was military on the island.  I know it is tough for you utopians to grasp that there are evil and scheming people out there who might someday want to do your country harm, no matter how green, leftist, friendly and peace loving you may make it look, (which may only serve to entice them more I might add) someone or a group will take that as an offer to exploit the situation.  NIMBY is incredibly selfish and nearly always comes from the same bunch of hippy baby boomers or wannabe’s being their kids or grand kids.  Got news for you, Utopia is not a place on earth.  The jets are staying, I suggest you move over to the western end of the Peninsula if you want to be away from it all but they probably don’t want your kind there either.
You guys are a riot!  You should take your show on the road!   Whiny little turds of the far left set.  Coming to a comedy club near you!  SEMPER FI!  Merry Christmas!  GO NAVY!!!   Sorry if I offended anyone with Christmas.  Wait, No I’m not
 You all make a lot of noise, that’s for certain – but my bet is that the noise you make is more annoying to the majority of Island County residents than the Prowlers and Growlers ever have been or ever will be.  Keep making all that annoying noise and what do you expect Islanders to do?  You can bank on them doing the opposite of what you want them to do: ignoring you like pesky little gnats at a summer evening barbeque – because the barbeque and summer evening are too enjoyable to waste time swatting at pests.
Garrett Newkirk …the option was for you to buy a house that wasn’t under the flight path. I know I had to sign a document saying I knew of the noise before moving into a place that was under the flight path. That field has been there for many, many more years than most on the island. Own up to your OWN mistakes. Oh…and when those squadrons DO move to China Lake or Yakima, kiss the economy of the Island goodbye. You will have exactly what you deserve….nothing.
Only an idiot would CHOOSE to live somewhere that is dangerous. Ken Pickard CHOOSE to live here. you figger out the rest.
Commissioner Johnson DOES speak for the 99% of County Citizens whose jobs, businesses and property value are tied to the County’s largest employer – based on a 2004 state study, the base accounts for 88% of the County’s economic activity.  Responsible politicians from any other county would absolutely provide this support.Commissioner Johnson DOES NOT speak for the 1% who have been trying to close NAS Whidbey since the 80s – when the former COER group, “WISE”, actually asked the 1991 BRAC commission to close Whidbey.  COER is anti-military as evidenced by their leadership comments including the infamous “jackboot” remark in a previous WNT article – where they were, again, trying to intimidate County politicians.  Moreover, most are very well educated but apparently have not mastered reading their disclosure form like we have.  COER is a very, very small group, with a paltry 72 facebook likes, who are using aggressive tactics to inflate their small numbers – we, the 99%, stand fully by Commissioner Johnson.County citizens need to decide – do they support the 1% anti-military group who does not care about military training or their neighbor’s job/business/property value or the 99%?  Its just that simple.Maybe it needs to be written out in crayons so the idiots can understand it, with pictures of jets flying over a house

I think that this whole debate is utterly ridiculous! My understanding is when you buy a home/land on Whidbey Is. you are fully aware of the fact you will be exposed to jet noise from the Navy jets. I personally find comfort in listening to these brave men and women flying over head to further their flying experience and training. True, some have been loud enough, I had to wonder if I might be having company for supper, but it does not bother me at all. For the person of persons claiming the jet noise has made them develop PTSD… You should be ashamed of yourself…that is sad and pathetic, especially when I know people who have PTSD and it was not caused from planes flying over. For the people I have heard shining a bright light into the cockpit of one of these jets… you should be charged with attempted murder! You’d better hope you don’t blind them and they crash killing themselves and others with children! How cruel and stupid! Number one, they were here before most of us were and number two, they are here doing what they do to protect us all! How much easier would it be for the people who just don’t like the noise to leave opposed to closing down an entire Navy base and putting a lot of people out of a job! You all should be saluting them when they fly over, not b*tch*ng about it!

1) COER President Has No Right to Cry ‘Victim’  Jan 31 8 am  Letter

Offending Comment: “Monson is an idiot, plain and simple. A greedy, self centered, LYING idiot.”

2) Sorry You Didn’t Read the Fine Print  Jan 21 Letter

Offending Comment:

“Garrett Newkirk Once again, you never held a real job,  paid taxes or supported yourself. Is that it, Garrett? You’re such a miserable failure so you’re jealous of Pat for being in the military? Jealous of all of us who work for a living, supporting your lazy kiester? Ladies and gentleman, I think I’ve hit on the key. Garrett’s just mad because we support him. Get a job Garrett.

3) Jets Too Noisy for West Beach Road  Jan 21 Letter

 Offending Comment: “That hatred inside Newkirk is burst [sic] one day…..Hopefully he won’t act upon his wishes of destroying the base.”

4)  Story:  Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve Goes After Growlers  Jan 30

“Was Pickard on his precious boat in San Fran when he cried for the article? Luckily for the majority, Monson and his rag tag crew of ill informed liars don’t dictate military movements, nor are they capable of even beginning to understand them. They have lowered themselves to claiming the military is an industry full of self entitled welfare cases. I look forward to their next un-American statements.”.

 “I’ve noticed none of the COER faithful have been here to defend this tripe of theirs… Even Newkirk. My opinion is that the COER wants to turn Whidbey into one giant gated community with a ready made airport. Get rid of the base, get rid of the riff raff (us) that work here, because of the base…property values skyrocket, they suck up the land on the cheap… CHA-CHING! Oh.. that riff raff will include you, Garrett Newkirk. After they get what they want, they will have no further use for you. See how far your “1909” tale gets you with them as they invent reasons to sue you as they have the base.”  

: …Sell your property and escort yourself and your hatred for the U.S. Navy off the Island and never come back.. .”

“Notice COER members can’t put any kind of picture with there profile? They want to be heard but not be seen, of course mine is of our Two Puppies, but if you want a real one, I’ll post it. You see thats what a leftist progressive liberal (aka communist) does when confronted with the truth, They Hide, and attack from that hiding place… nothing they say is steeped in fact….they may even say ‘I heard it on the internet’ so it must be true? COER is starting to sound like they too subscribe to Sharia Law, are we sure there isn’t a muslim brotherhood component there?”

It does make sense that many call COER terrorists, at the least it appears they may be aspiring communists, or better yet, just a bunch of Rich, Self-Indulgent Brats Spoiled from Childhood until Now, used to getting there way and throwing little brat tantrums”

“Mr. …….With much hesitation I believe I need to respond to your comment ‘ they may be aspiring communist[s]’. At first this seemed a little over the top, but after a little research it appears your comment may have some potential for concern. Several folks associated with the COER group are said to have spent a fair amount of time in the Vancouver, BC. area within the last several years. The reason I mention this is that there a known large population of former mainland Chinese who now reside in and around Vancouver, BC. Our defense posture appears to have changed towards the western Pacific area in the last few years illustrated locally by the apparent force build up of NAS Whidbey assets. I do not make this comment to start a which hunt. I just followed up on a statement that at first glance appeared to be a little over the top as I said.”

“With the filing of this lawsuit COER has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a bunch of commie / terrorist supporters.”

That F1!@#$%^ Monson is tool!!!” —

“I thought about calling COER and their followers stupid but realized that would be an insult to stupid people.”

“What falsehood are you accusing COER of, Mr. Strang?” —  Ann Adams                  “Alert, Alert coer troll in the house!!! C.O.E.R = Can’t Own Everything Retreads!!!!” 

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