Flight Cancellation Notice

Flight Cancellation Notice

Contact the Navy to request public notice of scheduled flight cancellations

Do you want to know when scheduled flights have been cancelled for the day?  Is it maddening to miss out on doing something that can only be done on a jet-free day? Would it be nice to be able to fully enjoy an unexpected day of quiet?

The one-week out limitation of the posted Growler flight schedules for the OLF Coupeville make any outdoor plans beyond a week impossible.  Indoor activities are affected, too.  People who don’t live here can’t know the difficulty of planning life.  They’d have to focus hard and imagine home speakers popping on and repeatedly blasting a roar as loud as a jackhammer for hours on end, day after day.

People have asked for cancellation notices to be posted as soon as they occur, but it will take more to move the Navy.

The Navy claims to be a good neighbor. Part of that role would be to recognize extreme distress and, if possible, eliminate it. A good neighbor also responds to a reasonable request.

Far from being a good neighbor, the Navy persecutes those living on what has become a runway for Growler jets. Persecutors benefit from persecution.  And they come to dislike those they persecute, especially when their victims complain. It steels them from responsibility for the agony they are inflicting. You see it when you confront them with your pain.  They are unlikely to put in much effort to respond, and you have low expectation that they will.  The exchange becomes a cycle downward.

The Navy finally began releasing flight schedules for the OLF Coupeville, after years of requests. But the problem remains that when these schedules are cancelled, which happens often, plans made with the expectation of dangerous jet noise cannot then be replaced with a normal day that most people take for granted.

Many people living under the jets are unlikely to ask the Navy for anything. They don’t call hot lines, write letters, or fight. There is probably only one activist for 20 sufferers. The Navy is lawless and they are the victims. They feel defeated, become depressed, have no hope.  They are afraid to express a complaint in this hostile community.

But now you can safely and easily make a difference.  The call is going out on web sites, through social media, and through the press.  You will not be the only one asking the Navy to publish flight schedule cancellations.  It is important for everyone who benefits to chime in. If you want this information, tell the Navy, and tell them why. (Example:  I would like the Navy to provide public flight cancellation notice because I want to be able to take advantage of unexpected jet free days.) Click on the following email address and direct your request to Captain Nortier.


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Additional Information and Resources

Published flight schedules can be found at the COER web site each Thursday.

The flight schedules are published in a format that makes it difficult to post on a bulletin board and be easily read. If you would like a simple chart to post the schedule each week after adding a few check marks for the schedule, click either of the links below:

Flight Schedule Chart (doc)

Flight Schedule Chart (pdf)

For a better understanding of your right to ask for notice, see:

Noise Annoyance and Sound of Freedom




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