Contact Congress

Contacting Congress is now more targeted and easy.  The lists and samples have been updated.  But first, really visualize and compare the following:

  1. Your life – with the Navy dispensing noise within legal, humane limits OR
  2. Your life – if the Navy continues its escalation to 153 Growlers by 2017,  with no limits beyond that.  There will be no hope of humane alternatives because the Environmental Impact Study will be published with the finding of “No Impact.” Only expensive lawsuits challenging the EIS will remain for fighting this battle.

All contacts on the new list have been sent an Open Letter to Congress, which is an updated version of the ASC Open Letter sent last year.  This makes your job easier.  After reading it, you’ll know what you’ll want to say and won’t need to cover everything.

It might be worthwhile to copy the letter at the end of yours for reference.  It is likely the Open Letter will be deleted by many initially, but then be given a look because what you say is strong and the reader finds time.

If you are ready to act, read through the options below. If you don’t have another hour now, wait until you have more time so that you can decide what to do and actually begin.  Otherwise, you’ll postpone. You’ll imagine making contact is harder than it is and your opportunity will be gone.

If you don’t start now, let the jets be your reminder.  Every time you say to yourself, “I can’t stand those jets,” continue on with “but I can do something about it myself and I am going to, right now.”


This is your opportunity to make the system work to improve the lives of every noise zone sufferer.  Congress can be influenced.  You can email, call, fax, write, and visit.  We can all make at least one contact, and preferably many more.   If you make a personal heartfelt plea, each contact will be more powerful than a vote in an election.  You can make a real difference, but you must act now!


Look at the sample emails.  Read the Email Directions and List for Congressional Staffers

Decide when you will start. Now would be best.

After you send your emails, don’t delete them from you Sent folder. You can resend or forward them in the future by just replacing the first message with a new one.

Call or Fax

Remember, the office of every member of the Armed Services Committees has received the ASC Open Letter.  Before calling, print the letter for your reference.

Click on the following Call-Fax Lists. Watch for a flashing program icon on your computer and click it to go to the Word document. Next, click “Enable Editing” in gold at the top and print them: House ASC Call-Fax List and/or the Senate ASC Call-Fax List.  If your last name begins with A-L, begin with the Senate list, and a last name closest to your own, so that committee members will be contacted evenly.

Now open and print the Sample Call Script for ideas for what to say when you call. Don’t actually use the script; just use it for ideas.  Reference the ASC Open Letter that their office has already received and ask again that the aide remind the Committee Member of the letter.  Ask them to pass on your plea to stop the addition of 36 more Growlers.

Set aside just 10 minutes.  Remember, start alphabetically with names closest to your last name so the calls will be spread evenly over the lists, and make one call or write and send one fax. Be prepared to leave a message if you call.  Messages count. After 10 minutes, decide if you want to do more!

Keep in mind that It does not matter that you are not a constituent of these committee members.  Their leadership and votes affect your life – especially related to the number of planes, when they fly, how low they fly, and where they fly. You have a right to tell them laws are being broken, national policies are not being followed, and harm is being done because of Congressional action.  It is the responsibility of these Committees to make things right.

Send a Link

We need your help to spread the word.  Email a link to this page to at least one other person.  Just say, “This is something important. Check it out and see if you want to help. Pass it on to anyone else who should know, too.”  Cut and paste this link:

Use social media if you can.  Post this page on your Facebook page.  Every person harmed by the noise needs to know there is something he or she can do to prevent these additional Growlers from coming.

Community Call-Out to Congress Campaigns

Watch here for notices for Community Call-Out to Congress Campaigns.  In the meantime, there are many things you can do to involve others:

  1. If you have a fax machine, host a coffee.  Hand-written faxes communicate a strong message.
  2. Get together with friends/family to email.  Use the instructions below, or use your own method.
  3. Go outside with a few friends, ear buds plugged into your cell phones, head phones over that and call when the planes are flying.  The roar of the planes in the background at all hours of the night should verify to these committee members that this is a real emergency
  4. What are your ideas?

Call-Out Training Meetings

Training meetings are being held informally, for groups requesting instruction, and occasionally, in more public settings.  Here is a photo from a recent Crockett Barn Call-Out Training Meeting showing people learning to send emails more easily using the instructions included below.  The only people shown are those who agreed to be in the photograph:

Meeting CB

If you want to be notified for the next Call-Out Training Meeting, fill out the form below. Your “ticket” in the door will be one written email to send during the meeting. Use the sample emails here for ideas. Please include your email (which you can edit before you send) in the Comment space on the following form.  Complete information will be emailed to you when a meeting is scheduled.

THANK YOU to those who have assisted to organize this effort and those who have taken the time to act.


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